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Eliminate Negativity from Your Vocabulary

Eliminate Negativity from Your Vocabulary

We are also influenced by the thoughts we have and the words we use. They have led us to where we are right now and where we are headed in the future. Our reality is a direct result of our thoughts and our words. Are you happy where you are? If not, one of the first things to look at is the words you are using.

Words are very powerful. They can work for you or they can work very much against you. I have found that the best thing for me is to use positive words. They are powerful for me.

The #1, bar-none, phrase to get out of your head is “I know that.” Once you think you know everything, you quit learning. Your brain shuts down. You don’t listen. You don’t learn. You showed them, didn’t you? I never want to be a know-it-all.

My experience is that I do not know everything. In fact, there is a whole lot that I don’t know. Keeping this in mind, I make a conscious effort learn something very valuable from everyone I meet. This is why I believe that it’s always good to network.

There are a few words that I have had to ban from my vocabulary and omit from my world. These words are very negative and can be game changers in life. Pure Poison! 

Negative Words to Avoid

In my opinion, the negative words you need to remove from your vocabulary are: try, can’t, and but. Let me explain:

Try. What a terrible word. “Trying” implies failure. When I hear someone say that they tried something, I know that they did not accomplish whatever it is they are talking about.
In the Star Wars movies, the character Yoda has some very good quotes. One of my favorite is in The Empire Strikes Back when Yoda is talking to Luke Skywalker and tells him:

No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

There is really no such thing as can’t. “Can’t” simply means you do not know how or you don’t want to do something.

Whenever I catch myself thinking that I can’t do something, I stop and ask myself, “Is it that I don’t know how to do this? Or do I just really not want to? If it’s because I don’t know how to do it, what do I need to learn before I can proceed?”

Most of us walk around with a really big but. The word “but” just gives you an excuse for the first thing you said. Any time you use this word, you negate the first part of your statement.

Consider substituting the word and in place of the word but. This is an AND WORLD. Own what you say and take responsibility for your words.

Wimpy Words to Avoid

There are also what I believe to be wimpy words. These words have the power to contribute negatively to our mindsets. I recommend eliminating the following wimpy words: hope, if and problem.

When you simply hope for something, it is still a pipe dream. It is way more powerful to know or expect that something is going to happen than to hope that it will.

Don’t ever think in terms of if something is going to happen. By replacing the word if with the word when, you will gain more control over your life plans. Don’t say “If I make this sale…” Instead say, “When I make this sale…” Rejecting this simple little word has been a game-changer for many.

Too many of us focus on the problems, whether actual or potential. By doing this we usually accomplish little more than attracting more problems. There are a couple of good replacement words.

Some people refer to problems as issues. Although it is a bit better sounding, it is still a little too negative for me. I prefer to substitute with the positive and powerful word, “challenge.” I like this word because I like challenges. One of the best motivators for me to accomplish something is if someone tells me it is too much of a challenge.

New York Times’ bestselling author, Joel Osteen, calls problems “tests.” This is closer to the definition that I give to problems. We have to pass many tests in our lives to get to the next level.

There is always an important lesson to be learned from every so-called problem. No matter how small the lesson seems to be, there is always some value that comes with it. By learning from the smaller challenges the bigger ones become a little easier to overcome. As the old saying goes, “The higher the levels, the bigger the devils.” Learn the lesson. Teach the class.

Originally published in #Secrets of a Deal'ionaire by John Lee

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